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M3s lose 5 - 1 to strong Sonning side

19 October 2019, 12:00, Berkshire Sports and Social Club

Men's 3s 1 - 5 Sonning Men's 1s

Thursday afternoon. For a 12pm push back away at Sonning, a 10:20 meet time seems appropriate. Gives us some time for people to be slightly late to the club, and 50 minutes to get to Sonning to be ready to warm up at 11:30.

Saturday 10:20 -- Interlude --
For those of you who are unaware, Penguins are nothing like Hawks. Unlike the majestic Hawk, a penguin is unable to fly, meaning if they are running late they have no mode of transport to get somewhere and have to rely on the help of others. However, Penguins are very social birds and so are mighty dismayed when no-one tries to contact them to work out where they are. As this article from the National geographic suggests, Penguins might have horrible short-term memories

-- End of Interlude --

Saturday 12:20 onwards

Thankfully, the remainder of the team didn't follow their captains lead and made it on time to the fixture against Sonning. Going with a bare 11, the beginning of the match was difficult as Hawks tried to stave off the Sonning onslaught down a player. There was a, so I've been informed, questionable p. flick and by the time the 11th man arrived Hawks were 2-0 down (as I found out at half time).

With the extra legs and a fair game on the cards, Hawks got back into the game putting Sonning in some difficult situations and absorbing any pressure being put on them. A Sonning miss trap in midfield gave Hawks the opening to bring the match to 2-1 at half time.

Unfortunately, without any more players running in from the sidelines Hawks started to tire in the second half, leading to a lack of leads making the job of the back 4 that much harder when attempting to build play. Sonning capitalised on this, passing balls into space for their fresher legs to run onto which at the time we couldn't compete with. Sonning were always going to be one of the tougher games having come down from regional 1 last season, however we didn't compete anywhere near the level where I think we should be and that was reflected in the chat at the end of the game.

We can only learn from our performance, and aim to improve for the rest of the season

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