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Men's 3s in a wild win against Wycombe

12 October 2019, 14:30, Banbury Road North (Top)

Men's 3s 2 - 1 Wycombe Men's 2s

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Many thanks to the umpires and to Evelyn Hargraves who has taken some excellent photos on the day (depsite being distracted by a few dogs!)

Coming off the back of a comfortable 2-0 win the men's 3's arrived in the changing rooms feeling confident. The day started off much smoother than the previous week with all team members making it to the warmup destination. Despite this great team success we started the match poorly and we went 1-0 down courtesy of a defensive mix up leading to a free Wycombe forward in the circle who finished it off neatly. We finished the first half strong and into the half time break we felt we had created the better chances but had struggled to convert them. Fraser, Jamie and Chris all had opportunities squandered by good saves from their keeper. 
Entering the second half we felt the game was ours for the taking and began to play like it. Soon we managed to win a penalty corner and after Laurie Cooke's attempts in the first half we weren't overly optimistic. After a fairly average flick straight at the keeper Laurie managed to pounce on the rebound and neatly tuck it into the top left hand corner first time. The game was suddenly level and we definitely had the upper hand. Chances continued to come and go as it seemed we would never find that elusive second goal. With not long to go in the second half we found it. Having already scored Laurie was mistakenly confident and decided he was going to have another flick. Somehow this one manged to bounce through the goalkeepers legs and over the line. Some say it didn't even reach the backboard. However a goal is a goal and we were 2-1 up. Thanks to some good saves from Boggs and a perfectly executed last ditch tackle from Cameron the final whistle blew and the score was still 2-1. A well deserved and in the end a comfortable win.
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