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A windy away trip for the 3's to Aylesbury

28 September 2019, 11:30, Aylesbury Vale Academy

Ladies' 3s 1 - 3 Aylesbury Ladies 1s

After a triumphant win the week before, we travelled away to Aylesbury for our second match of the season. Aylesbury were newly promoted into our league this season and so we were uncertain about what to expect. The pitch is at a new academy school so it’s good quality but felt like we were in the middle of a wind tunnel as it’s in the middle of a field! We had a really strong warm-up and were just getting ready for push back when we found out one of the umpires was stuck in traffic and wasn’t going to be there for a while. 30 minutes went by and we did our best to stay warm (thanks for making us do sprints Victoria!). This delay meant we did struggle to focus so when we eventually did start playing, it took us a while to react to Aylesbury coming out fast and hard from the start. Aylesbury won a foot in the D and executed a strong straight strike to go 1-0 up early doors. Although we won a lot of turnovers, Aylesbury pressed us hard and made it difficult for us to get out of our own half to our forwards. Our opposition had a quick turnover in our 23 which then led them to attack our goal. Kayleigh and Megan did their best to defend but the striker managed to slip it past to make it 2-0 at half time. 

Thank you for Connor who joined us as coach and gave us some wise words and motivation. We started much better in the second half, winning a short corner fairly early on. Thank God Victoria used to play cricket as her swing and connection on the rebound of the short meant the ball was going nowhere but the back of the net to take us to 2-1. The game stayed the same with lots of changes in possession and both teams were getting fairly aggressive and frustrated with turnovers and stick tackles. It even got to the point where Eveena narrowly avoided getting carded because the umpire gave her a warning! We were unlucky that a lot of decisions didn’t go our way. Aylesbury won another short which they converted to go 3-1 up. On the last blow of the whistle, Hawks also won a short and so it was all players up to take part. Unfortunately, we didn’t find the goal and so the game finished 3-1 to Aylesbury. We travelled back to their clubhouse for teas of pasta and bread (or just bread for Kayleigh!) where we voted Victoria our POM and Eveena DOD for getting a warning from the umpire!



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