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Ladies 3s battle hard at Brookes for a 1-0 win

09 February 2019, 11:30, Oxford Brookes

Ladies' 3s 1 - 0 Oxford Ladies 3s

It was a sunny day at Brookes. A good day for hockey. The warm-up started well, that was, until we started running the course of South Parks park run, and the team started to look rather worried about how long this warm up was actually going to be. Luckily, after a slight course re-route (and muddying ourselves considerably - sorry Oxford pitch), we then continued the usual warm-up routine, arms and shoulders were well mobilised, and very serious pre-game chat followed (or mostly, how great Olah's tan looked, and which tanning brand she used) .

This match report was written slightly later than the game, so exact  game-specific details are slightly hazy, however, hockey was played, and it was all rather good. A solid team line-up meant lots of great connecting play up the pitch, and Becca and Sam in the midfield did a fantastic job of distributing the ball and working the ball up the pitch. Oxford, as always, put up a strong fight, and there was much end-to-end hockey, so no chances for Hawks to relax or take the pressure off.

As with all teams, we work on both great team play, and trying to improve our individual skills throughout the season. This was demonstrated firstly by Olah with a lovely aerial right to left over the attacking D, and later with a beautiful reverse shot from Becca, in prime position at the top of the D, which rumors say, ended up somewhere near Headington shops. We will continue to work on these skills for future games. Lots of great attacking play ensured, with a number of short corners awarded in our favour. Newcomer to the L3s Helen put Hawks a goal ahead on the scoresheet and gave the team a massive boost for the remainder of the game.

The great work ethic and determination shown by all players until the final whistle meant the game finished in Hawk's favour, and we could happily enjoy post match pizza.

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