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2 goals, one card, and no points for the Ladies 3s

23 March 2019, 11:30, Banbury Road North (Top)

Ladies' 3s 2 - 4 Marlow Ladies 2s

Here we have a special poem inspired by a ‘crucial’ member of the team. A 4-2 loss does not deter from the commitment and determination of each and every player both individually and collaboratively.


P is for passing, which we consistently (most of the time) managed

A is for attacking well and scoring, two goals.. Go us!

T is for transferring which we were great at

R is for rawkus which we’ll save for EOSD (not on the pitch)

I is for impressive, which is how quickly they managed to sneak the first goal

C is for C U L8er, which is what happened when the yellow card was shown

I is for important, as learning from your losses is key moving forwards

A is for adapting by going three at the back, which we did in the second half


There were highs and lows, but a 4-2 loss does not reflect the enthusiasm and drive of the team, a difficult defeat but one in which we can build on as a unit all over again with many positives to take.

Terms and Conditions apply, angry imaginary people and yellow cards will be left behind and are not welcomed to any further games.


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