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Henry Taylor's incredible scoring record survives in 5-0 win

30 March 2019, 12:00, Banbury Road North (Near)

Men's 2s 5 - 0 Wallingford Men's 1s

The woman who manages the kitchen confessed to me this week that she would be glad when the season finishes. I found that quite strange because I've actually rather enjoyed it although the relentless diet at home of cold jacket potatoes and warmed up cottage pie is starting to take its toll. However there are consolations not least her entertaining and repeated complaints about the 7's captain's (a former club captain) failure to inform her when matches are postponed. Apparently he really should know better.

Saturday promised the visit of Wallingford who have had a difficult season.  As we had blown our chances of promotion the previous week by conceding 3 points to OMT there was no pressure on the boys. Lead by the Kiwi the 2's were in an appropriately childish mood complemented by Pep who arrived in an alarmingly tight pair of pastel lilac shorts. It does make you wonder. 

The focus in the changing room very definitely alighted on Henry. Henry is a delightful bloke. He's either very very bright (my view) or not so clever (the alternative view held by those who think he just keeps failing his exams)). He has been a student now for 8 years at Oxford - that's Oxford University proper not OBU ( which spawned the likes of Stotty) which is why I think he is actually blessed with large helpings of grey matter. He is also incredibly enthusiastic and very much given to shouting words of encouragement when you least expect him to. I've noticed he dresses immaculately, even for training, - in fact I suspect he actually irons his kit. He has a hockey blue. His parents come and support him at most matches. He plays the bagpipes. In fact he's an all round regular guy and I would vote for him as my player of this season or indeed any season. He plays up front and hasn't missed a game as far as I can remember. So in my humble view he's a better bet than Connor who was made 2's player of the decade a couple of seasons ago. (Editor's note :the award was actually known as Chum of the Week in those days - see ref Mens 2's Match Reports- Season 2016/7 -3 Dec 2016 : "Mens 2's share the Spoils against Oxford")

There is but one fly in this particular bottle of ointment and that is that before the Wallingford game Henry had played 25 League games and failed to score a single goal.!!! You might want to read that again. 25 games is 1750 minutes of hockey or, more relevantly as it only takes a second to score a goal, 105,000 seconds. In fact I can scarcely remember him having a shot during the season. It is a failing he has borne with considerable fortitude and one which the rest of the side have treated with extraordinaery sympathy and consideration (not). As a consequence I'm delighted to report that a pact was hatched in the pre match meeting that, as well as securing 3 points from our last game, the boys would ensure that Henry broke his duck.

Well you can probably guess the rest. In the course of a pretty comfortable 5-0 win the boys managed to set Henry up numerous times in the opposition circle. However, sadly the list of five different goalscorers did not include his name . So his record remains intact. He did, however, claim three assists. Happy days.

Henry tells me he is considering a medical career so that will be another 5 years as a student. He will therefore be back with us next season when the clock will continue to tick. That's now 1820 minutes or 109,200 seconds and counting. Bless him.

A great day at BRN was crowned by the 3's securing promotion on the back of a stunning performance against Henley 2's winning 6-3 despite conceding 10 years a man to their experienced opponents. Very well done to them - a great way to end an enjoyable season.

I wish all my readers a fine and relaxing summer. A bientot!



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