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Ladies 3s are left longing after defeat at Sonning

16 March 2019, 12:00, Berkshire Sports and Social Club

Ladies' 3s 0 - 2 Sonning Ladies 2s

It was nearing the end of an excellent season,

We headed to Sonning, 3 points was the reason,

Although most of us were ready, on time, and in place,

Kirsty was lost - what a disgrace.


It was a Saturday in March that had dawned bright and clearish,

To mark the occasion, Rosie set down her petri dish,

She imparted some wisdom, had some knowledge to share:

Don’t pass to the opposition, kick it or swear.


With these smart words from our captain ringing in our ears,

We set off for a warm up, started oiling the gears,

We were scolded by a Reading player for running on some algae,

Nothing rhymes with algae. Algae algae algae.


Warm up complete and algae wiped from our shoes,

Lucy told us she was hanging from a night on the booze ,

She’d been with her parents, or so she’d said,

But was cut on her lip, no memory of going to bed.


So from all this you can tell, we were raring and ready,

To be honest, I can’t believe we hadn’t won already.

If I’d been Sonning faced with this opposition,

I’d have waved the white flag in total submission…


Of the fact that the Hawks ladies 3s are outstanding,

Athletic, intelligent, beautiful, understanding,

You only have to glance at them to know from the beginning,

That this is a game they are going to be winning.


I can tell you with hindsight that this wasn’t the case.

And even though we played with skill and with grace,

We went 1-0 down from a shorty in the first,

And though I’d like to end it there, it got a bit worse…


As the game came to a close, Kirsty got an assist.

You can find it featured on ‘Goal of the Year’ shortlist.

Did this take the score to 1-1? Write an essay, discuss.

Spoiler alert: the assist wasn’t for us.


Like phoenixes we rose from the flames of defeat,

New priority was finding something tasty to eat,

Although this game was a blip in our hockey careers,

It’s nothing that can’t be fixed by a few post game beers.


And if I can refer you to paragraph six,

You’ll see that there is more to us than our hockey sticks,

To remind you the words used were intelligent and athletic,

Just some classy ladies who’ve been blessed by genetics.


And here I will conclude my post-match analyses.

Only one thing left to say, up the mighty Ladies Threes.

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