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2's shock the league leaders with a top display

09 March 2019, 13:15

Men's 2s 1 - 0 Maidenhead Men's 1s

Don't you love it when a plan comes together?

Take a bow Blakemore. Our much derided (mostly by me) coach masterminded a strategy for frustrating league leaders Maidenhead on Saturday and fashioned a deserved win which no one (especially me) saw coming. Yes I always thought we might possibly be able to sneak a win but I certainly didn't foresee it happening as it did. In short the 2's produced their best performance of the season by far and I have to concede that much of the credit should go to our coach. Now pass the bucket please.

In fairness the 2's have been on a bit of a run of late and have turned in some encouraging performances and decent results - especially when I have been left in sole charge of the team - but on Saturday the 2's -

a) started from the first whistle (unusual)

b) played for the entire 70 minutes (unprecedented)

c) treasured possession (extraordinary)

d) moved the ball quickly, simply and accurately (didn't know they could do that)

e) trapped the ball consistently (oh come on!!)

f) contested every tackle (unheard of)

g) played with discipline and commitment (amazing)

h) created chances in the circle (seriously?)

i) kept a clean sheet (you're having a laugh! Is Fearless alright?)

As a result, and implementing the Blackburn masterplan, (which of course I can't disclose as other sides' coaches, I am told, apparently read these reports - further evidence of an expanding readership !!) Maidenhead's considerable threat was frustrated and eventually stifled. The 2's scored 10 minutes before half time with a Finn Dunleavy penalty stroke. There were other chances including a stunning goal line save by a Maidenhead defender who deflected a Mallinson drag flick over the bar.

The home side threatened in patches and had 4 penalty corners awarded in a desperate last 5 minute spell. However your correspondent felt the 2's were well worth the 3 points which , with both Oxford and Chiswick dropping points still keeps the boys in touch with the top 3 - if only just!!

As for individuals absolutely everyone played their part. Blimey - have I really written that.

Oxford at home next week.

I'm going for a lie down and a large slice of humble pie. How could I ever have doubted him.


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