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Hawks Men's 7's show it can be done without the midfield PD's..

02 March 2019

Men's 7s 1 - 1 South Berkshire Men's 4s

The team were in sympathy with the skipper on arrival at the South Berks 4's, as there was no midfield to speak of available, with Mike Image bruised from his recent skiing trip, and debutant (?) Charles Darby recovering from illness and a bad back.....we did have "legs" Graham who duly ran his bottom says something when the skipper has to play midfield...!!!

The pre match briefing did mention the absence of the talented PD trio, and it would be good to get something out of the game, but, if truth be told, no-one really expected to take anything home against the team in second, who had beaten us 4-0 at home with the PD's.....

After  some early skirmishes in the Hawks half, the 7's shocked themselves as much as the opposition with a scrambled goal poked in by Steve Elliott and from then on it was to and fro, with much of the fro in the hawks half. with Mike Image and Charles Darby both trying to "out pain" each other, half time arrived and we were one up...!

The inevitable equaliser came as the tired Hawks team lost their shape, and the Alamo analogy seems appropriate...

Bunny had his best game in goal, Dave Wells was excellent in his organisation at the back, despite trying to set up the oppo with a last minute winner, and the forward line was immense in their work rate having to feed off scraps....

Nico deservedly got the MoM award for his constant harrassment of the opposition midfield and backs, and he could so nearly have got the winner in the final seconds.....

great team effort by all.

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