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Oxford Hawks 6ths v Wycombe 4ths

16 February 2019, 14:00, Banbury Road North (Top)

Men's 6s 10 - 1 Wycombe Men's 4s

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Spirits were high as hawks went into the game with a 8 match winning streak. Hawks had a squad consisting of 10 players 18 or under with a fair amount of experience to back it up. Hawks started well with Laird snr scoring after around 10 mins gone. Shortly after, a slick 1 2 between Dawson snr and Baldock snr resulted in Baldock sliding the ball into an open net. Further goals from Dawson snr, Baldock jnr and Laird snr (I think?) lead hawks into a comfortable 5-0 lead at half time. Hawks were indebted to a fine first half save from the promising Ben Pearce to deny the hungry Wycombe striker. The strong hawks defence marshalled by the imperious Chris Hutton and assisted by the youthful Charlie Warner, Will Laird, George Dawson and Ed Murray were keen not to let the tenacious opposition back into the game. Wycombe started the second half well with some early pressure on the hawks back line but they kept solid thanks to some excellent midfield work from Matt Brook, Richard Walsh and Aaron T-C hawks managed to take control of the possession again. With a thunderous strike from Dawson snr hawks soon lead by 6. Hawks still dominating with Louis Atkins again performing well after coming back from injury, soon made it 7 with an unconventional finish from Baldock jnr following a terrific serve from Novak Dawson. A good bit of play by the opposition led to a deserved goal to the delight of the Wycombe players. Two further goals from Laird snr and a balletic finish from Walsh made it 10-1. A special mention for both Jonty Atkins and Alex Laird making their debuts and performing in an accomplished fashion. A big thank you to David and Charlie for umpiring in such a calm manner. 

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