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L4s fandango-ed around Banbury to finally earn themselves 3points

16 February 2019, 10:00, Banbury Road North (Near)

Ladies' 4s 3 - 1 Banbury Ladies 2s

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Is this the real life? Is this just fantasy [league]?

Hawks met in the changing room as always, knowing that we had Evelyn back (was wonderfully quiet without her last week….) Catherine sidelined with a lurgy but, to our benefit, was “de management” this week 😊. Other team mates who’d been poorly during the week appeared rejuvenated… (actually they didn’t need any juvenating as they were the younger members of the squad…).

Good to see Merrick, Zoe and Alex sitting with us to add some experience to the team list. Haribo sweets were passed around in the changing room providing much needed vitamin C and sugar boosts …

The whistle blew and Hawks found themselves on the defensive straight away. Much of the onslaught was dealt with effectively but it wasn’t long before Banbury scored “a very well-taken goal” (according to the umpire after the game, much to my relief!)

This seemed to be the incentive we needed and everyone stepped up a gear with a more attacking approach. The Banbury keeper proved to be a force to be reckoned with being ‘completely made out of rubber’ and making several ‘reaction’ saves.

Hawks were awarded a number of short corners during the first 35 minutes but the notorious “ping pong” routine proved unsuccessful.

The breakthrough came just before half time with a beautifully taken strike at left slip from Katie Merrick.

The half time chat was a quiet one – Catherine had made copious notes which were reiterated “sotto voce” as the infamous L4s jelly babies (and Haribo) were distributed in a clockwise direction.

Full of positivity and sugar, we started the second half playing towards the fortress (Oxford Hawks clubhouse). Banbury continued to put pressure on the Hawks defence but we kept them at bay.

Our second goal came from a real team effort, starting from Clare at the back through several players to an awesome finish by Bizza. This was followed shortly after by a superb goal scored by ‘player of the match’ Holly.

The final whistle sounded and Hawks L4s won 3-1 after a 13-week drought. SO great to win this one (Evelyn the monstrosity) did the Fandango, gallileo, figaro magnifico in celebration as she gathered up the masks from behind the goal.

As a squad, we deserve to be higher up the table and today we proved that.

Despite half term and a few skiing absences, we still have a FANTASTIC team to face top of the table Aylesbury. We will, we will ROCK YOU!


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