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Not the way the Ladies 2s wanted to start after the break

26 January 2019, 12:00

Ladies' 2s 1 - 2 Milton Keynes Ladies 1s

Milton Keynes opened the match with a strong first 5 minutes of attacking play and Hawks doggedly defending, eventually letting in a goal after some hard pressing from MK. Hawks quickly responded but a disallowed goal from Hawks led to frustration and MK still leading the score line 1-0. Hawks had a another lovely shot at goal which resulted in a short corner but unfortunately weren’t able to convert - a good save from the MK keeper!

About 20 minutes in MK was strongly attacking towards Hawks D, luckily missed the shot on goal, MK then won a short corner but was beautifully saved by Kara K’s defending skills. Young keeper Millie Lane faced a brutal shot at goal but saved well and kept the score line in reach. A beautiful goal by tiny wee Claire brought the score to competitive 1-1.

Just after half-time, a gentle goal from Hawks was again disallowed - more frustration! Some lovely attacking play into the D from Hawks but sadly unable to convert, score still a tight 1-1. After 55 minutes MK scored from a short corner. For a while both teams were rapidly attacking and defending from one half to the other but no goals either side, score remained 2-1 to MK. Hawks won 2 short corners well, but unfortunately didn’t manage to convert their chances and MK still ahead by one goal.

At the last minute Hawks won a final short corner, but sadly no more goals for the Hawks ladies as the final whistle went, final score 2-1 to MK. A very frustrating and competitive match for both teams but not the result that Hawks were looking for.

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