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Mens 2's beat the weather but, sadly, not Chiswick

02 February 2019

Men's 2s 1 - 2 PHC Chiswick Men's 1s

I've a bit of a reputation for being quite competitive which is not undeserved. If you were to ask the woman who manages the Hawks kitchen she would just roll her eyes into the top of her head. It's been passed down to my sons as well. For example, when at school, my middle son, who some of you may know, had a competition with another pupil to see who could push a stone furthest down their ear. Inevitably his stone got stuck and he went partially deaf (without telling us why!!) until we discovered the cause and managed to remove it with a screwdriver and some bluetac. But for him the important thing was he won.

For me it makes standing on the sideline watching games especially stressful because I know the outcome will influence my enjoyment of the weekend and, possibly, most of the following week.

You know how you tend to remember random events from your childhood - some for no apparent reason, others because some traumatic incident has occurred. For example I recall vividly at a young age visiting my uncle's farm with my Mum and Dad. That would have been well over 60 years ago before Health and Safety was invented. I went out exploring and decided to climb up to the very top of a tall ladder in one of the barns onto a mezzanine type level, or ledge, without any sort of barrier. I would have been about 5 at the time. I then got very scared and too frightened to go down the ladder - so I jumped. I was OK and never told anyone I'd done it but how stupid is that??

Which brings me on to my sixth birthday. My Mum said I could have a party and I recall it very well. I decided to have a football party and Mum hired a local gym. All my little mates from school were invited and I knew it would be good fun because I was one of the better players and we'd have a great time and I'd be on the winning team. I was really looking forward to it and couldn't wait. Then my Mum decided that we couldn't hold the party without inviting the boy next door who was a little bit older than my school friends and I knew he was really good at football. I said I didn't want him there and Mum said I'd still enjoy the party and it would be very rude not to ask him. Of course, although I cried, she insisted, and he came along. The football was rubbish because he was too good and kept the ball all the time. I knew he would be and it wrecked my weekend. I have never forgotten it.

As for the hockey we went to Chiswick on Saturday and lost 2-1. Their player coach was awesome.

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