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2's leave it late but not as late as this report

19 January 2019, 15:00

Men's 2s 2 - 2 Sonning Men's 1s

Yes I know - it's nearly next Saturday so this report is long overdue. I've no excuse except I now understand "writers block". In my defence it's not easy churning out  the sort of trash that passes for a men's 2's match report week after week. Inspiration over the past few days has been notably absent.

So you are going to have to do with a foreshortened effort as not much of note occurred at the weekend nor, indeed, in the days leading up to the trip to Sonning. Apart from JLS apparently purchasing a pair of white socks from Mothercare which reached just over his ankles and 4 out of 5 Sams declaring themselves n/a for the match the week was largely uneventful. So if you are hoping for more windswept and interesting reportage you will be disappointed. It's taken me till halfway through the following week to get my act together in any sense.

Much the same could be said of the 2's on Saturday. Sonning , near the bottom of the League, were keen and determined but largely contrived to be 2-0 up at half time through Hawks shortcomings. Turnovers were conceded with metronomic regularity, chances missed which should have been converted and our passing and trapping were woeful. By the interval Sonning had scored from a penalty corner and an horrendous defensive deflection. Thus it was only halfway through the match that Hawks started to play at all to their potential.

As a consequence goals from the returning Kiwi and (soon to depart on his travels) Harry rescued a point but it very much should have been three.

Not a travesty by any means and we really didn't deserve any better. Two points down the toilet.



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