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2's take some comfort from a 5-2 defeat at Brookes

01 December 2018, 14:30, Oxford Brookes

Men's 2s 2 - 5 Oxford Men's 1s

They say the League table never lies and, by implication , neither does the final score. Who are these people? I've never met them and in my humble view "they" are not always right.

On Saturday the men's 2's travelled to West Headington to take on Oxford OBU. That's the new name for last season's Oxford HC who over the summer amalgamated formally with Oxford Brookes University -  and it wouldn't be too much of a misrepresentation on the weekend's evidence to suggest they are now largely a student team. By the way, before anyone pipes up, I'm not suggesting there's anything wrong with that. However it put me in mind of the old rugby joke after Wales (at least I think it was Wales) had been soundly hammered by Western Samoa and some wag suggested it was just as well the opposition had only been Western Samoa and not the whole of Samoa.

Anyway our brave lads  came away with a 5-2 defeat which will undoubtedly suggest to the reasonable man, who might conceivably take an interest in this result, that the 2's suffered a defeat akin to that which is routinely packed into the back end of a turkey on Christmas morning and tastes of sage and onion or chestnuts. Or, if you live with the woman who manages the Hawks kitchen, as I am fortunate enough to do, this operation is undertaken on Christmas Eve.

To the contest - this was an excellent game played at a high tempo and in very good spirit which, I'd have to say was also very well umpired - not a card was seen of any hue. (Jim Patel I hope you're reading this).If you wanted to see an end to end game this was it.

Our boys actually produced some of their best hockey of this rather disrupted season so far and certainly created more chances in this one game than in the previous three - but lacked a cutting edge in the circle. Oxford (I hope I don't have to keep referring to them as Oxford OBU or, worse still Oxford OBU HC) were sharp and quick going forward but a little fragile at the back. Hawks won lots of corners of which only one was converted and also produced the miss of the season so far (or, indeed, probably of any season). I won't identify the offender, entirely out of sympathy for him, until after he has returned to New Zealand.

So, yes, it ended 5-2 to Oxford who undoubtedly deserved the points but this was, by no means a massacre, against a side selected from the whole of Headington and I came away quite upbeat about where the 2's are at the moment. No need then, this weekend, to lock the knife drawer at home.

I should, however, thank the ever thoughtful Hawks 3rd XI keeper -, on learning back at Hawks clubhouse that the 2's had suffered a Christmas turkey reverse - for taking the trouble to warn the woman who manages the Hawks kitchen to be vigilant. Apparently he thought she might be at risk of harm or even mortal injury such was likely to be the blackness of my mood after this reverse.Bless you Fearless.

While Oxford maintain their unbeaten run our courageous lads sit in 4th place in the League - not too dusty for a 2nd team.

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