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Ladies' 1s gain their third draw of the season against ISCA

17 November 2018, 12:00, Banbury Road North (Near)

Ladies' 1s 1 - 1 Isca Ladies 1s

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At midday on a cold November Saturday in Oxford, the match between Hawks and Isca kicked off. Both sides began strongly, however, it was Jess H in the Hawks goal who, as usual, saved several sharp shots from the away team. As the first half progressed, the Hawks’ half backs, Rosie, Vicky and Gemma, were able to get more involved in the match, playing fine balls down the line to the forwards. This meant that more opportunities were created in the attacking D as Reaney, Jo and Poppy were able to streak down the flanks menacing the Isca defence, but the final result was never quite there. Unfortunately for the home side, a goal came from the Isca attack about midway through the half, yet Hawks didn’t let that unsettle them. The score was 1-0 at half time. 

After a stirring half time team talk from Andy and Nathan, the hosts were like a pack of wolves, tearing down upon the unnerved Isca defence. Hibby, Jess A, Becca and Kathryn in midfield played countless balls in behind for the forwards to run on to, with Henri displaying her usual silky skills. This drew immense cheers from the sideline as Hawks were able to win a flurry of attacking short corners. One short corner in particular prompted an even heartier roar of applause, as Odders deflected a hard hit from the top of the D into the Isca goal for her third of the season. For the rest of the match, both sides looked equally likely to score, with Isca particularly threatening as they desperately tried to snatch the win. However, it was the Hawks’s centre backs who stole the show, with Caro intercepting bouncing balls flying into the D, and Row storming forward leaving behind startled Isca players in her wake. The final whistle blew yet the match was not over - Isca had a short corner and all the Hawks players experienced a shivering sense of déjà-vu (just 3 weeks earlier Hawks had conceded a last second short corner against the league leaders at the time, Olton, to end the match in a draw). Thankfully, the short corner was kept out, and Hawks gained their third draw of the season, with 1-1 the final score.  


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