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Banbury 2s prove too much for L4s

03 November 2018, 11:00, Banbury School

Ladies' 4s 3 - 8 Banbury Ladies 2s

Hawks were off to a great start against Banbury, holding possession of the ball and making it hard for Banbury to move forwards. An early run down the right side line and pass across the D resulted in Bizza scoring a great first goal. 
Banbury came back hard and didn’t allow Hawks any space and hassled every player. Hawks made it up to Banburys D and managed to pop it on a foot for a short corner. It was here that Caz made a cracking straight strike dipping towards the back board. Kim strikes the rebound and scores. Unfortunately this was disallowed as Banbury contested that the first strike was too high. Banbury then quickly shot 2 goals straight past us just before half time. 

Second half Hawks went out ready to score yet Banbury were working very well together linking quick short passes and making it very difficult for our defence. They scored another 2 goals. Gemma using her silky skills slinks one past the goalie making it 4-2. Banbury squired a short corner and very quickly scored yet another goal. This did not put Hawks heads go down as they battled on working as a team and managed to score via Lydia. Banbury finished off the game by scoring another 3 times. Making the final score 8-3, this was a disappointing score line although everyone worked hard. Purdy and the defence made some great saves, reading the attackers coming through past the inners and communicating well with the defenders. Unfortunately we had some very good shoot corner pieces put past us but with heads held high the team know the areas we shall be working on.

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