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Mens 2's huff and puff but come nowhere near blowing Marlow away.

13 October 2018, 13:30

Men's 2s 3 - 5 Marlow Men's 1s

The mens 2's travelled to play Marlow 1's on Saturday in a match given added piquancy by the appearance of Hawks old boys ( and I do mean old) Dan Bradley and le petit entrepreneur. Bradley had last been seen dragging himself off the pitch at Amersham, in the final game of the season, clutching his back in pain before a ball had been struck in anger - a desolate figure. Wardy's final appearance for Hawks 2's, like all his others, had been preceded by several minutes spent strapping up his fragmenting body accompanied, as ever, by a lot of silly chatter.

The 2's were mob handed with a squad of 15 and looking forward to the sort of combative encounter that Marlow routinely provide. For some of us the pain of last year's home game still bridled as thoughts of Marlow's 2 goals in the last 2 minutes refused to recede albeit relieved by Stotty's memorable spat with Jakey immediately afterwards - happy days. Come back Stotty we miss you.

On Saturday Hawks warm up had a nice competitive edge to it and suggested that we were very much on for the game against the also unbeaten home side. Indeed a review of the stats during the match provided overwhelming evidence of Hawks dominance of midfield, their huge number of circle penetrations (over 30),  short corners (12) and innumerable shots on goal. So the game itself was pretty much one way traffic into the Marlow circle.

And the score? 5-3 to Marlow.

Game Set and Match to the home side and their ageing imports - which just goes to show if you don't convert territory to shots to goals then you may end up with nothing. Marlow's finishing was simply more clinical and they defended with greater resolution and purpose than we could muster. 

I'm beginning to think they're becoming a bit of a bogey side.To add insult to extremely painful injury Ward J managed to poach 2 goals for his new employers to consign us to the Grimpen Mire (which itself seems a fitting epithet as the more Hawks struggled to score the deeper we sank). All very disappointing.

To give him credit the chief chum,.as he then was, (new members of the club will have no idea what I'm talking about) was obsequiously gracious in victory and hugely complimentary about us - so much so I nearly chucked. Of more relevance he gave me a very nice Bottle of St Emilion Grand Cru he'd no doubt picked up from one of his dodgy business associates - very acceptable.

But I'll bet as soon as he got home he told the missus they had done us good and proper accompanied by whoops of joy and a little jig around the kitchen table (you did didn't you Wardy because I know you can't wait to read this report).

As for me I've found that when we lose so badly as we did on Saturday I've developed a form of Tourettes and can't stop shouting expletives on my own in the car on the way back.

Very disappointing - a game we should have won. Let's ensure it's business as usual against Chiswick and Mr Giles this weekend.

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