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Rain, early start, no parking, very late shirts.....bad start....

06 October 2018

Men's 7s 0 - 2 South Berkshire Terriers

Well, apart from the negative comments from the dropped and obviously disillusioned  Gilman (aka Pogba) , this wasnt that, .well actually it was.

The best performance was the team banter in the club house post match, which displayed a va va voom and freshness that was quite clearly lacking in this rain sodden defeat away in the depths of Wokingham...

One would have thought that the returning Tyser would make a difference, and despite a man of the match performance (debateable according to the French contingent) , he couldnt make up for the rest of the team...

One could attempt to blame the early injury to Karl, but that wouldnt really wash here...

With Nico arriving 6 minutes before pushback with the shirts, and Geoff then putting his on (and leaving it that way!!) inside out, it didnt bode well. It was to be blunt, a miracle that we were only one down at half time, and when the skipper, passed over to the chair for the inevitable "we're playng well and im really enjoying it" line, he was utterly shocked to hear a complete bollocking of everyone. fair point, well made Chair!

Well, to be fair, we did improve second half, and had we not conceded early in the second half, then we may have rallied more, but as Mourinho (Skipper) mentioned in the post match analysis, "the better players need to dribble less, and the less better players need to play better.."  




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