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Ladies' 7s see success slip from their grasp to draw 3-3

22 September 2018, 13:30, Tilsley Park

Ladies' 7s 3 - 3 Abingdon Pilgrims Ladies' 1s

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We dominated in the first half with all the play being in Abingdon’s half.  Gradually we all crept up the pitch.  Therefore, when Abingdon did get a break we were not quick enough to get back and they scored the first goal.  However, we had a strong set of forwards.  Rosie on the left wing was very effective at picking up the ball and driving into the D.  Kat held the shape in the centre and encouraged the others on the attack.  Elen on the right wing had an excellent game and fought like a tiger for possession.  Our first goal came from her.  She just kept picking up the rebound and on the 3rd one put it nicely into the net.  The inners worked tirelessly to bring the ball up the pitch.  Abi on the left was particularly good at coming back to help the defence and yet took the ball forward with great skill.  Another pleasant surprise was Amelia who had only played in defence before.  She demonstrated excellent skills as right inner and looked very confident in that position.  So, the score at half time was 1-1.

We played better in the second half but so did they.  Gill was a stalwart as centre half with some great tackles that they were not expecting.  Charlotte played a skilful left half and just needs a bit more confidence on the ball to be a great player.  Alice was great as right half, always in the right place and doing lovely strong tackles.  Another new player was Naomi who started at the back and then had a run-around as inner and centre forward.  She did very well in all the positions and was a delight to watch on the ball.  The other back was Lizzie who demonstrated how to get the ball up the field to the wing and did some lovely tackles. 

We went a head with a second goal by Rosie.  Then they equalised.  The third goal came when Kat pulled the ball back and slipped it to Elen.  She crossed it to Rosie who had a clear shot into the goal.  It was great teamwork.  As the seconds ticked away we thought we were going to win this but then Abingdon got the equaliser in the last minute of the game.  Elen was voted player of the match for her best game ever - she was like a little tiger!

A good game with many new players showing promise.  Shame about the rain!


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