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Mens 7's lose to mid table rivals in topsy turvy battle

24 February 2018, 10:00, Banbury Road North (Top)

Men's 7s 4 - 6 Henley Men's 4s

The early missive from the skipper was that the ground was hard and white and that we would attempt to go ahead, and the author is still perplexed at the tittering that emanated from his seemingly mature team.

The treasurer had been party to the pitch inspection, and he was very dubious about any hockey being played at 10...

It transpired that Boggs was right, and we also duly started at 10 am.

There were some very pertinent factors in this mid table clash of the titans….

It transpired later that Shambles was sporting (I use the term advisedly..) some new contact lenses, perhaps he should seek managerial approval next time…..

The second one was concerning Barney Venables…arriving at 9.58 possibly not the best match preparation…. as he missed the team talk and came on at right back rather than midfield…

This was due to a “Tweaked Calf (doing the) Park run earlier….so Barney has now acquired (another) nick name of TCP Venables……

The game can be described by a few high and low lights….

Two early goals by Shambles and Royer possibly engendered a false sense of security… which proved to be the case as we were 3-2 down at half time….

There were some glaring misses by among others Watson and Elliott, a shocking lunging attempt  by the Skipper to attempt to stop the oppositions 5th goal, and some interesting centre back positional play by the Chair who decided that the forward line were not being effective enough…..

All in all though, the pitch played fine, the game was played in good spirits and we lost 6-4.

Rich Tyser was man of the match (again) not especially for his prowess on the field but because he was 30 that day…..

Thanks to Charlie Baggs and  Club Captain Cooke for umpiring
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