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We take on bottom of the league very bafly

27 January 2018, 14:00

Ladies' 6s 2 - 4 Milton Keynes Ladies 3s

A bit of a disaster with the captain getting lost and arriving only 10 minutes before the game. A few key player were missing but we were still hopeful. We soon got 2 up, but Milton Keynes fought back hard and had some skilled players. They soon came back to 3-2 up then just before the final whistle poor young Millie had to face her first penalty flick. Sadly the game finished 4-2.


Pollyanna FitzGerald, Rebecca Madden-Waite, Jess Anstice, Pippa Grainge, Kate Kelly, Alessia Laird, Amelia Lane, Alice Mcneile, Blanche Rabbitts, Mimi Rumsby, Bernadette Wagerfield, Holly Williams

Player of the match: Amelia Lane


Bernadette Wagerfield Open Play
Bernadette Wagerfield Open Play
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