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The chums record a win at last with an emphatic victory at MK

27 January 2018

Men's 2s 4 - 1 Milton Keynes Men's 2s

I've had a very anxious week. Saturday's home defeat by Slough cast my future in some doubt as mentioned in last week's report. In short your scribe's tenure as manager of the chums seemed to be best described as tenuous and might well depend on the result of the 2's visit to Milton Keynes. I've felt this week a bit like a man on death row - would the chums secure a reprieve for me by pocketing the points at the weekend. Frankly I've rarely felt so  bereft.

More seriously it also got me to thinking about the plight of those desperate inmates in the US whose future holds the promise only of an interview with Trevor Macdonald or, possibly more acceptable, an appointment with the electric chair. One such is reputed to have requested a last meeting with his attorney the day before his execution. The man's abjectly ineffective lawyer had not served him well and with all court hearings concluded and the appeal process exhausted, agreed to meet with his client. The condemned man - pretty much resigned to his fate - asked the attorney if he could give him any last advice to which the lawyer replied "Don't sit down."

My concerns about the visit to MK then suffered a further blow when Friday night brought unexpected news that another Brookes student had decided to cross the city and throw in his lot with Oxford HC- no doubt ,in part, influenced by financial considerations namely the prospect of no match fees et al. As a consequence I lobbied the Hon Treasurer for a larger share of the player subsidy fund to be allotted to the chums (larger that is than the zero/nil/zilch/diddly squat currently available) or more accurately suggested such a fund should be created but received his customary dismissive, dusty response. I think it went something like "you're having a laugh". 

At least we have managed to retain Stotty - Brookes' Jewel in the Crown - to whom goes my dribbling gratitude - and I never thought I would ever ever ever say that - God Bless You Thomas Lawson.

As it turned out I needn't have worried about Saturday at all as the chums beat MK 2's reasonably comfortably in a game which was nothing if not entertaining. "End to end" scarcely does it justice. The chums were 1-0 up after 2 minutes (Jake Taylor) and scored another 10 minutes before half time (Stotty). In between these goals Hawks spurned a penalty stroke (goalie's save) had a "goal disallowed" (hit from outside the circle - just!), hit the post and put 3 or 4 shots wide of the goal when scoring was the more likely outcome. For their part MK had a number of decent chances but couldn't beat the dependable Fearless.

The second half followed a similar pattern - chances came and went at both ends. Dan Bradley was hauled off after 4 minutes of the second half for not passing the ball - a decision which he accepted with creditable good humour. After spending 5 minutes on the naughty step he returned and then produced the best passage of individual play he has shown all season scoring two further goals. So he won't start next week and I think I'll let him fester on the bench till he's seriously wound up. Amidst everything MK got a fully deserved consolation goal. 4-1 to the chums although with better finishing it could have been 12-5.

Thus your correspondent still retains his managerial responsibilities - so back in your box Tony Pulis. And the chums may be back on track. We'll see.

Oh - and Runs like a Hare was so pumped up at the end he went off on a 3 mile run to wind down after the final whistle!!!!

Take it from me the weekend is much more enjoyable if you win.

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