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What goes on in Wallingford stays in Wallingford

06 January 2018, 16:15, Wallingford HC

Men's 7s 2 - 5 Wallingford Men's 4s

This game just warrants a short description for each player...better things to come next week.

Will Barlow - GK - sterling effort

Adrian 'Chair' Higgins - seemed to lose the one gear he possesses and was stuck in neutral

Dave Wells - first 'man down' of the day...succumbed to severe Man Flu after 10 mins and departed early.

Sam Raynor - second 'man down'.  Felled by ball to head in 2nd half.  7 stitches and out for a couple of weeks.

Mark 'Dr' Stoker - so solid in defence, but just not this week...

Karl 'the enforcer' Hack - just couldn't live up to his nominature this day

Matt 'Bunny' Bunn - in his penultimate game...did his best but suspected carrier of the Australian man flu...

Andrew Graham - needs to work on getting his feet discombobulated.

Ben Knowlden - did his best...

Christoff Royer - too much red wine, brie and bon viveur over Christmas, we fear...

Rich Tyser - The Tizer lost his fizz for this game

Mark 'Shambles' Shirley - green carded for not retreating '5m'...somewhat harshly as his maximum ability to move is no more than 4m.  Solid 1st half short corner strike. Dubious 2nd half goal...more of an aerial prod and lucky deflection.  Also recovering from 'Avian flu'.

Ben Knowleden - our 'youth policy' obviously over indulged over the festive break..

Richard 'Dickie' Venables - guilty of discombobulating himself on several occasion.  Yet another recovering victim of severe man flu.

Charles 'Van Persey' Darby - arrived late...left early....but took one for the team and selflessly took the injured Raynor to A&E and should be awarded MOM at the very least

Onwards and upwards.  We hope Skip Spittles will join us soon and hopefully bring the  team shirts with him


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