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Ladies' 7s success against Bicester 4s

06 January 2018, 15:00, Banbury Road North (Near)

Ladies' 7s 5 - 0 Bicester Ladies' 4s

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The 2 week break for Christmas and the new year and the three consecutive postponed matches prior to Christmas took no obvious toll as a fit and determined Ladies' 7s team took to the field again for their first match of 2018.

The game started strongly on a grey somewhat rainy afternoon against opposition who were several places higher than us in the League. Hawks dominated the open play, helped enormously by a couple of 6’s  players. ( Thanks Bella and Jan!) Ellen got us off to a good start with a well-worked goal, strongly hit from a ball  moved up from defence through midfield with accurate passes and great team support. With the forwards threatening the opposition D, Mel was unlucky not to convert a powerful cross from the right wing, leaving us just one goal up as we went in at half time.

Dave Hughes diagnosed some little errors creeping in towards the end of the half and applied his usual strategic know-how to suggest a revitalised second half. We were rewarded richly in one of our best second halves ever!. Mel’s determination to score resulted in a cracking goal - a beautiful strike from another a strong cross. Pam got on the score sheet after some very determined and speedy work in midfield. Ellen was once more a constant threat and was rewarded with a second goal. She was now on the hunt for a hat trick, which she almost achieved, but the whistle had gone microseconds before she hammered the ball into the back of the net. The umpire apologized for blowing but in truth she (in fact both umpires) had amazingly good games, allowing play to flow freely, so no hard feelings about the decision and Ellen was voted MoM. Eleanor, back from her first term at Uni, put in her usual effort and her hard work and silky skills were rewarded with a goal. Bicester turned up the heat in the last 5 minutes and had it not been for the superb keeping of Millie, we would certainly have conceded but she and the solid defence ensured that we won convincingly without conceding a goal.  5 nil! What a way to start 2018. Let's keep it up, ladies!


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