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It wasn't to be ......

06 January 2018, 12:00, Stowe School

Ladies' 5s 1 - 2 Buckingham Ladies 3s

Step on the field and your troubles go away,
It’s like the beginning of a whole new day.
The whistle is blown and the ball is hit,
Even the brave fans stand; it’s impossible to sit.

The tapping of the ball becomes your own heartbeat,
You’re on a roll when you hear, tweet, tweet.
It’s not against Bernie, but the other team instead,
So Vicky wind's up for the free hit looking ahead.
Sophie drives the ball with all she's got,
Sending it to the circle where Pip takes a shot.
The goalies there to clear it out,
From the side-lines we can hear Casey shout.

The whistle is blown, 0-1 down at half time.
Walking to the huddle, the sun began to shine.
Feeling disappointed, and not knowing what to say,
We fell silent as Phil began with a cliché.

You girls can do it, just find it in your heart,
We came onto the field with a very strong start.
Just when you think you’ve given it your all,
Push a little harder when getting the ball.

Let today be the day when you are able to say,
I gave it my all every minute I played.
Let this be the moment when you can stand proud,
When scoring that goal and hearing the shouts of the crowd.

Tackle in pairs and the midfield we pack,
Focus on the players dressed in black.
This is your new family, there to catch you when you fall,
To cheer you on, call you out, and pass you the ball.

With every mistake a new lesson is learned,
With every success a reward is earned.
Don’t be afraid to try your best,
Because in the end, that’s the greatest success.

Sherene scored the equaliser with a cracking strike,
But Buckingham's winner Purdy did not like.
We tried our best but it wasn't to be,
Next Saturday we are hoping for points of 3.


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