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Only 10 players available, lucky the ladies 6's found two bencher

07 October 2017, 13:30

Ladies' 6s 2 - 2 Reading Rogues

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This was a very  tough game as we only had 11 players available, with one on the bench resulted in ten players on the pitch.

The opposition proved to be hard and physical, relying on strength to throw us off a more skillful style of play.  We responded well to the challenge, working hard for each other and working the ball up into the D.  Especially good was the way we held our structure well and used he width well.  We created a lot of opportunities in the D but the opposition defended resolutely and were very successful at clearing our attacks forcing us to build again. 

The game was quite evenly contested, we went 2 goals up, the first goal was Mimi in open play, the second goal was Dette from a short corner, slipped left to her.

Reading came back with two goals, both from penalty corners 1 in first half and 1 in second half .  Linda and Jess very nearly scored in the last few minutes and the game ran out as a draw.

Big thanks to Jo for subbing and to Deborah for playing up
Overall we all played really well.

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