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U18 Boys draw with Guildford

01 October 2017, 13:30, Banbury Road North (Near)

U18 Boys 3 - 3 Guildford U18 Boys

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We arrived at BRN with a full squad. Our warm-up was delayed due to the previous game finishing late. Luckily this meant that Ray was able to appreciate the sight of the Adidas sponsored, Guildford opposition. The warm-up which followed, allowed us to welcome our new Scottish recruit, Jamie, to the side. Dunners blew to start the half and the U18 season was underway. Hawks, utilising the Barca style of play, worked it calmly between the back two of Charlie S and Tommy with Toby popping in and out of space. The half meandered along with no clear chances before one of the Guilford midfielders worked his magic. The ball was passed to a Guildford striker on the top of the D with his rocket of a reverse ballooning towards the corner flag. Unfortunately, a second striker deflected it goalwards and it was 1-0. The rest of the half was mainly Hawks pressure, with Ed a constant threat at halfback, and Will and Charlie C running hard up front. Aravind in goal made sure it stayed at 1-0 come half time.

Spurned on by words of wisdom from Richard and Dunners, the second half started with the Hawks flying. John at halfback was a menace, as well as Harry and Ray with their darting runs and quick hands. The first Hawks goal was a true masterpiece. Toby forced a foul. John worked it to captain Charlie S who slapped a worldie to George. He duly banged it home with a hard reverse hit; 1-1. With the game beginning to open up, both teams were pushing forwards. Guildford scored; 2-1. Cheered on by the home support, Hawks struck back. Ed with some great skill worked it to the baseline, the ball was cut back and Ray slammed it home. With vital interceptions from Toby, Tom and Thomas, the game was poised. Guildford countered, and it was 3-2. A Guildford player’s attempts to run down the clock were futile, as eagle-eyed Dunners clocked his masterplan. Charlie T broke, and Hawks found themselves deep in the Guildford half. A perfect Tommy pass to Jake and a reverse cross to Charlie T, and Hawks were 3-3 up. A brilliant comeback on three occasions and a point against strong oppo was a just reward for a great team performance at BRN on a windy day in October.

Match report by Jake Taylor.
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