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A good opening 2-0 win which shows great promise

01 October 2017

U16 Boys 2 - 0 Wycombe U16 Boys

In the opening league fixture Hawks took the game to Wycombe and pressed high for the first 20 minutes creating numerous chances. As the Wycombe keeper performed heroics Hawks hit everything apart from the back of the net.

Patience was required to break down a stubborn Wycombe defence but equally Hawks were too often the architect of their own downfall ignoring the simple pass to create space in the 25 and width across the pitch.

The game was 0-0 at half time and Wycombe fancied their chances on the break. 

The midfield of Edmiston, Cooke, Bhadiani largely controlled the game but the final ball went astray and Sunderland, Webb, Honeyman and Smith could not exploit the opportunity through the channels.

Finally after a trade mark drive down the right Sunderland created some chaos in the D leading to a short corner. It was despatched well by Smith with a firm strike.

However Wycombe continued to battle hard and the defence of Barnett, Warner, Evans and Hardman were forced to hold their lines and switch the lines of distribution to open up the space.

A sublime strike by Smith into the roof of the net effectively closed the game and Hawks continued to huff and puff.

They will need to work on the distribution and calmness in key areas if they are to achieve results that their play deserves. However a good win to start the campaign.

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