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Match report no2 for Hawks 7's.....

30 September 2017, 15:30, Banbury Road North (Near)

Men's 7s 0 - 0 Sonning Men's 5s

  • Men's 7s v Sonning 012
  • Men's 7s v Sonning 001
  • Men's 7s v Sonning 002
  • Men's 7s v Sonning 003
  • Men's 7s v Sonning 004
  • Men's 7s v Sonning 005
  • Men's 7s v Sonning 006
  • Men's 7s v Sonning 007
  • Men's 7s v Sonning 008
  • Men's 7s v Sonning 009
  • Men's 7s v Sonning 010
  • Men's 7s v Sonning 011
  • Men's 7s v Sonning 013

This was a game that should have been put to bed by half time but.....

If this was indicative of life in league 8 then the old 4,s, 5's 6's and now 7's will have a rather more enjoyable time than in league 6! But only if they improve their conversion of shots in front of goal!!!!

With some welcome new blood, the 7's put some really good passing together but all too often found the last pass or the final shot lacking. With Venables arriving 2 minutes before the game started it didnt bode well, and could have gone pear shaped, but he made up for it with a flamboyant performance alongside Mike Image in the middle.

I wont dwell on the forward line, suffice to say that even with the transfer window open, no one will come calling - Van Persie (Darby) recovering from something cannot return soon enough....

John Black and Ben Knowlden both performed very well, and whilst we wont have them for ever, their contributions were significant.

Andrew Graham and Geoff Watson both had good games alongside Sam Raynor who also played very too did the Chair and Stoker.....onwards and upwards chaps.

many thanks to Rodders and Cookie for umpiring, all we need now is a Keeper........


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