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L4s Final Friendly against Henley 2s

16 September 2017, 15:00, Henley HC

Ladies' 4s 0 - 3 Henley Ladies 2s

Henley-on-Thames turned on the weather for Hawks, yes the sun actually shone (unlike the last game against Henley which was played in the dark!) and some players that shall remain nameless (um, not this time......Alice!) actually complained about the sun!  
3:11pm and game on; the ball was passed around, back and forth until Henley upped the pressure and in the 6th minute were awarded a short corner. They successfully missed it and were awarded a long after the even more successful defensive manoeuvres of a Hawks defender. But wait what's this Henley keep the pressure on and 2 minutes later another PC....a great save by the goalie! It was all on for Hawks defenders until there was a break 14 minutes into the game with an outstanding ball from Chloe into the circle (hold breath moment) be followed with what one can only describe as pin-ball hockey and the ball somehow ended up back in the hands (well sticks) of Henley, on attack coming from the right, a great pass from right to left across the goal mouth only centimetres (or inches if you prefer) from the back line, carefully watched by the Hawks players as it passed by and Henley missing a golden opportunity! Was this the wake up call that Hawks needed, maybe as Alice made a great tackle and within minutes the ball was up with the Hawks attackers, Rebecca going in for the kill....(another hold breath moment and cursing the ball for somehow hitting her foot!) Meanwhile on the sideline an equally challenging time was being had by Vicky trying to recall her 6 and 7 times tables.
It took 3 minutes for Henley to get to the other end again and this time, as if in slow-mo they scored. 1-0 to Henley after 24 minutes, then another shot 2 minutes later - how did that happen? It went wide but Henley were hungry and they stole the ball back; the goalie came out to meet the attack head on, 2-0 in the 27th minute. Hawks managed to keep their cool and with some awesome goalie work the score remained 2-0 going in to half time.
Basking in the sun wise words were spoken as the team gathered, build on the basics, control, look for the spaces and speed up to meet Henley's speed! 
Hawks were on the attack early in the second half with some great intercepts and passing; free hit from outside the circle (hold breath moment.......) Henley came away with the ball and 9 minutes in to the second half another Henley PC, great save by Hawk's goalie. 2 minutes later Henley had another drive towards the circle, Hawks defenders working hard clear the ball wide. Just before the 19th minute Henley penetrate the strong Hawks defense and score. 3-0 
The pressure just kept coming from Henley - but as we were saving our best game until next week when we meet them again in the first league game - we held strong, another great save from the goalie! Another PC and yet another superb save from the goalie - the Hawks goalie is on fire (thank goodness!).
With 5 minutes to go Hawks are on attack, Henley react and try again.....a great save again by the Hawks goalie. 1 minute to go and YES Hawks have a PC (hold breath moment), they keep the ball in play and another PC for their efforts...........time is blown, all Hawks players are up on the circle. A short pass to the left slip, an attempt and keep holding your breath until our next match report vs Henley - we have a score to settle! 
Thanks go to Vicky for managing the sideline, Catherine and Caz for leading the team in Becky's absence, and those that came to play to boost team numbers (and the scribe that made this report possible!) 
Player of the Day - Evelyn Hargraves for all those great saves (and putting hockey before tennis!) 


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