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Ladies' 7s succumb to a sparse Sonning side

25 March 2017, 11:00, St. Edward's School

Ladies' 7s 0 - 1 Sonning Ladies 5s

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A bright sunny day with clear blue skies greeted the 7th’s for their penultimate game of the season.  Sonning arrived with a side reduced in number and a kicking back. From initially believing that we had the advantage, we soon found they were not to be underestimated.  Sonning were highly organised and disciplined, managed effectively by their kicking back and took an aggressive approach to the game.  We did get some chances; Polly Holbrook-Bull dribbled the ball effectively past the goalie and narrowly missed, Mel Thurley’s shot on goal just went the wrong side of the post and Rachel Riach also narrowly missed. However, Sonning’s persistence, determination and accuracy saw them score a goal and take the lead just before half time.

A strong half time talk by Captain Deborah, ably support by Wendy Sobey ensured that the team held their head’s aloft and returned to the pitch with renewed vigour and determination.  The defence tightened its grip so that the backs (Wendy Sobey, Deborah Evelyn, Gill Petrokofsky and Alice Mcneile) provided a strong barrier ensuring that Amelia Merritt (GK) didn’t see so much activity in the goal mouth.  The halves and inners (Jo Sears, Issie Watt, Becca Marshall, Jess Richmond and Claire Edmiston) helped to close Sonning down and reduce the inroads into the Hawks 25.  Some great work by Jo Sears, Alessia Laird and Jess Richmond ensured the ball was passed through to the forwards to shoot on goal.  Some great runs by Victoria Phillips and passes across the goal mouth provided opportunities to shoot on goal but sadly none of them converted to actual goals.  The team should be pleased with its performance especially in the second half but remember in future never underestimate the strength of a team with fewer players!

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