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Hawks made a meal of our last away game of the season

18 March 2017, 13:00, Newland Park

Men's 3s 0 - 2 Amersham & Chalfont Men's 1s

Hawks were hungry for success, but the club was starved of players by a general lack of availability, and key men such as Tom "Danish" Bacon had been poached by the 2s, leaving us with a bare 11. 
The game began and before too long it seemed that Hawks might face something of a roasting as a sumptuous drag flick from Amersham's first short corner found its mark. A penalty stroke soon followed for the opposition after H bravely used his body twice in a row to block the ball near the goal line; pleas that one or both shots were missing the target fell on deaf ears. Amersham, licking their lips at the opportunity handed to them on a plate, made it 2-0. Yet Hawks tucked in to the rest of the half, the only other incidents of note being Brett's green card for (in his own words) "basically for hugging the bloke" swiftly followed by a yellow to the opposition midfield for a deliberate foul (fowl?) of obstruction on Charlie.
Chief hugger and Chef de Mission, Ed Baldock, then reinstilled our zest for the game with his half-time talk.
Hawks really had the better chances of the second half, with a sweet flick over the keeper's head on the break from Markie Mark, narrowly missing the target. A spicy cross from Ed so nearly being turned in at the far post. In goal, Tom Biggs, despite facing a strong grilling, came out unburnt and, with the score still 2-0 at the end of proceedings, Hawks were pleased not to have chickened out and to come away without too much egg on their faces.
The main course of the day followed: the match teas. These would surely be of high quality, sufficient to match the fine clubhouse and impressive view on offer. Sadly, and to the great disappointment of the squad, there were only DIY sandwiches, a few crisps, and not even any beers on offer with which to wash it all down. It was this, much more so than the scoreline, that left a bitter taste in the visitors' mouths.


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