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Ladies' 7s beaten at Banbury

18 February 2017, 14:00, Banbury School

Ladies' 7s 1 - 3 Banbury Ladies 5s

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The Hawks Ladies' 7s game against the Banbury 5s started out very evenly matched, each move the opposition made being countered by our team. Unfortunately a short corner was gained by Banbury from which they managed to score. However this was quickly followed by a series of sharp passes between the forwards and the inners, ending up in a lovely goal by Hannah, who lifted the ball up into the net. No more goals were scored in the first half, but Annabelle, Alice and Jade made some very good breaks into the line of the opposition, and the defenders were excellent, with brilliant tackles from Deborah, Wendy and Indya and amazing saves from the goalkeeper Amelia.

However the second half did not go quite so well with two goals being scored by Banbury. Even though the halves made an effort to fight them off, with great runs from Delphine and Lara and great tackles from Alice, the first goal was still scored very early on in the half. Unfortunately, Hawks could not make up the goal scored against them, resulting in a few more short corners happening in Banbury's favour and another goal being scored, making the score 3-1.

Alice was awarded a very well-deserved man of the match for her brilliant runs and tackles.

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