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Top of the table clash sees L4s come out on top!

26 November 2016, 12:00, Banbury Road North (Top)

Ladies' 4s 2 - 1 Maidenhead Ladies 3s

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Hawks were on home turf this week, and they were raring to go against Maidenhead with their eyes set on a win to go back to the top of the table! 

Hawks began strong and we're in the attacking circle within seconds. Great passing and pressure from the forward and inner line left hawks narrowly missing a early break. 

Hawks became the clear force to be reckoned with during the first 10 minutes, continuously putting pressure on the Maidenhead defense, with some exquisite build up of play beginning from the defensive line through to the inners who then directed the ball to the forwards who made complimentary leads to enhance hawks chances. Unfortunately they were denied any chance at goal. 

That was until a short corner was given to Hawks. Caz received the ball at the top of the D where a beautiful straight strike placed the ball perfectly into the oppositions goal so hawks go up 1-0. 

Towards the end of the first half Maidenhead had a couple of breaks but we're denied any chance of a shot on target by the hawks defense, who had played solidly through out  the first half. 

After half time Maidenhead had settled into the game. Both hawks and Maidenhead put increased pressure onto each other defensive line. Having been on the receiving end of some big hits from the Maidenhead back line and some scrappy play hawks still held strong. They  jumped at every chance posed, increasing there chances by utilising small unit play throughout the pitch!  Olivia also stepped into action for the first time during the game, denying any attacking breaks from Maidenhead. 

Hawks then received another short corner, the line up this time with Rebecca Black at the top of the D. Another beautiful straight strike saw Rebecca slot hawks second goal away. 2-0 to hawks!! 

Hawks battled continuously through the end segment of the game, with frequent (if not a tad confusing) rotations, fresh legs were to hawks advantage. However, Maidenhead had a lucky chance in and received a short corner for there efforts,to which they scored from some scrappy play. Making the score 2-1 to hawks.

Within the final few minutes the continuous work rate from hawks seemed to unnerve Maidenhead, with hawks having some chances but received no outcome. As the final whistle blew Hawks had won and gone back to top spot in the table, wahoo!!

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