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19 November 2016, 11:30, Banbury Road North (Top)

Men's 3s 3 - 1 Sonning Men's 1s

Pre-match pollsters would not have given much chance to Hawks 3s on the lead-up to push-back. Yet, as we have seen, what do pollsters know? The 3s may look like a motley crew of baby faced youngsters and aging veterans, but look closer and this is the melting pot for a new age. Anti-establishment, unconventional wisdom is the mantra. Trump? A mere side-show to the new regime engendered in the 3s. Look no further than the pre-match routine. Punctuality? Overrated. 11 players? No. Shirts? Nonsense. Training balls? Psk. Warm-up the keeper? Nah. A manager with fully functional limbs? A capitalist luxury.

Into this white hot crucible entered the establishment of Sonning 1s.  Squad? Yes. Matching training outfits? Check.  Structured warm-up routine? Tick. Pumping pre-match music ? Of course.  Manager with fully functional limbs? Inevitably. Little did they know, but they had marched into a theatre of conflict bigger than just MBBO Regional Div 2 – this was the new order.

The early stages of the match were nervy, Sonning’s high press proving effective although countered at times by mortars from Nevard. Beyond the wall, though, the 3s were enjoying the pitch expanse, probing dangerously down the flanks, Prince prowling up top. A neat interchange in the left half position initiated by Scragg opened up the right channel with a swift switch across the D giving Lovibond the time and space to evade the keeper and slot in. Craig and Webster caused havoc down the right by-line leading to a penalty corner, dispatched ruthlessly into the bottom left by Venables, keeper motionless.  Deep into the 1st period, penalty flicks were shared – firstly Biggs was judged to have unlawfully introduced his pads into the midriff of the Sonning centre forward. 2-1. Secondly, Taylor was upended in the Sonning D in mid-swipe of what was surely to be a worldy, but professionally dusted himself down and caressed the resulting pen. 3-1.

Half-time came and went in a storm of propaganda, parading and politik.  The second half was about as dour as a Siberian apartment block. Sonning set up siege in the Hawks half, the Hawks defence responded by re-erecting the Berlin Wall. Feet were used to good effect, bodies sacrificed for the greater good. Attrition. A well-earned victory.

Viva la Revolution!


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