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Mens 2's slump to defeat in a shambling performance

05 November 2016, 14:00, Northwood

Men's 2s 1 - 3 OMT Men's 1s

I hate it. Losing that is. The chums lost on Saturday and I hated it.

It ruins the week. It takes me at least until Wednesday to recover - and it's so unnecessary. It's a long time since we lost and I'd forgotten what it's like. It's horrible. I don't want it to happen again.It puts me in a foul mood.

The signs were not good on Saturday. Murphy, our Cocker Spaniel, had a fight with the neighbour's punchy Scottie - at least he came out on top. He's a bit of a streetfighter is Murphs - that's why I like him.

Then the M40 was blocked because of an accident and so we arrived at Merchant Taylors a bit later than planned. Except for Fearless who arrived a lot later than planned having missed the turn off to the M25 - the only person in the history of the world to do that. We watched the 6's (on before us) get dumped by OMT's 3rd XI and then our warm up was disrupted as the pitch was watered. It all didn't feel quite right - if you know what I mean.

We had a game plan but so did OMT. They executed theirs. We didn't. Even so if we had despatched a gilt edged chance when it was still 0-0 then the game might have had a different outcome. As it was the young OMT side applied their half court press like a bunch of seasoned professionals and broke effectively from midfield such that the chums began to struggle against their talented playmakers.

A penalty corner goal after 20 minutes or so put OMT in front and the 2's seemed then to lose any vestige of cohesion. Half time came and went. The next goal was going to be crucial. OMT scored it within 2 minutes of the restart capitalising on some truly woeful defending. Dom Bennett nicked a goal back and the 2's looked as though they might even get an equaliser but failure to convert 6 consecutive penalty corners in as many minutes cost the chums dear. Like every other aspect of their performance the corner routine was not firing. OMT plundered another sloppy goal to put the game beyond reach and the 2's finished well beaten surrendering their winning run in truly disappointing fashion. OMT were undoubtedly good value for their win.

After the game OMT's very genial and hospitable President complemented the chums on being gracious and generous losers which was nice. I'd very much have preferred him to have praised our play. However if he had done I think the men in white coats might have taken him away .

This was a very poor performance where individually and collectively the side were well below par in virtually every aspect of their play. The chums need to achieve much greater consistency and commitment if winning the league is to be an achievable objective. Perhaps they should take a leaf out of Murphy's book.


MoM - Dom Bennett

DoD - Dom Bennett

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