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Ladies' O35s are out of the cup on flicks

16 October 2016, 14:00

Ladies O35s 2 - 2 Basingstoke Ladies masters

First round of the O 35 s knock out cup. With the squad decimated between FrIday evening and Sunday morning the remaining healthy 10 set off determined to enjoy a good game and still do Hawks proud.

And we did just that. With a 3-3-3 formation the aim was to score early and then hold on, maybe capitalising on a quick break.....A good plan and when Odders converted a penalty flick it started to take shape. The equaliser meant that the score on the quick break part needed to be implemented and it was just a few short minutes before the ball hit the back board following a deflection off a stick which we are crediting to Linda.

So the final part of the plan next. Hold on! The second half saw some more impressive passing moves and unstinting effort across the whole pitch. The effort slowly started to take its toll and despite some chances and short corners we were unable to get a third. Basingstoke continued to play hard and with less than a minute to go a penalty corner was awarded for what the umpire judged to be a deliberate foul in the 25. And they scored..... And so to flicks, always a lottery and  it was not going to be our day. So near and yet so far BUT we had a great afternoon of good company, excellent hockey and an O35 appetite reawakened.

The ten included reps from first, second, fourth, fifth and sixth teams and 2 players who can only play on Sundays! No MOM was awarded as everyone played so well and put in so much effort it would be unfair to single anyone out. Mention must be made however of Sarah fitting into the team like a glove despite not even having met anyone before today, and Odders who played her first vets game.

Team: Linda Billington; Phil Williams; Caroline Baggs; Sarah Walker; Vicky Easton; Catherine Taylor; Clare Aldred; Becky Odlin; Rebecca Black; Linda Philips.

So we are out of the Cup but are in the Trophy and must have a good chance to progress in that competition and have more fun!

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