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Home Guard get first league win with stirring performance

15 October 2016, 10:00

Men's 6s 2 - 1 Maidenhead Magicians

The early push back at Maidenhead would normally be a Joker for the hardened, well organised team that is the Mens 6th team. With 10 minutes before pushback, there were 2 players on the pitch with 5 getting ready, and a further 7 yet to arrive.....the oppo must have been quaking....

With the skipper back to orchestrate the back, there was a welcome new arrival in goal with Jon Davies who has joined, and he had a very good debut indeed...

Dribbler, Cairns and the two youngsters Black jnr and Taylor quickly got into the game and apart from some woeful passing (both direction and ball speed) the team actually played well. 

Van Persie worked hard up front, although possibly he imagined he was still doing the half marathon from last week, well supported by black Snr, Rob McG  and Shambles. 

Shambles actually scored two goals*, both from shorts, the second, cleverly topped so it dipped to hit the back board.....There was some surprisingly good hockey played, with Will Cairns orchestrating the middle, and Matt Bunn adding zest and vigour down the right.

Man of the match Charlie Taylor, with mentions for Black jnr and Cairns.

we need to have 10 points by the Xmas break team, surely possible with the returning Ashley...


POST SCRIPT* - Van Persie somehow scored the first goal - 6 inches apparently....

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