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Mens 6s start in default mode by losing first league game

01 October 2016, 12:30, Northwood

Men's 6s 1 - 2 OMT Men's 4s

This was actually quite an enjoyable game, despite losing. With Barn Door (Elliott) stick throwing at the side (for what reason no one knows..) and R2D2 and C3PO (Wellsy and Adrian)  re-igniting their loving relationship at centre back, it was as if nothing had changed, and nothing had, we started well, finished poorly, and lost, and we had a laugh - as much as one can of course when you lose....

Venables, picked by skipper to be centre half had obviously thought that he would have to take his opportunity, with the impending return of Image, Cairns  and Robbins, and he was the outstanding dribbler on the more than one sense...

Good goal by the "Dribbler" in the first half gave a deserved lead, only to be weakly given away minutes later.

After the break, Dribbler was soundly rounding a 5th (or was it 6th..?) OMT player until he was rudely tackled, and the OMT youthful forward promptly sprinted to the other end of the pitch where somehow he scored the winner...with the Dribbler shaking his head and muttering how he couldn't understand how or even why he had been tackled...

Wellsy was trying to explain to Jim "the cat" Felix how he should have approached the said forward, possibly by forgetting that he was talking to an England International...there was also the suggestion that maybe the said forward could have been tackled by a defender..... 

Matt Bunn had a positive debut, maybe we have replaced the discarded Rodney with a better antipodean version.... John Black Junior got mentioned in dispatches and Jamie Wells was deservedly MoM for a good performance at inside forward....

Onwards and upwards.........

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