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Superb start to the season for Ladies' 7s

10 September 2016, 11:30, Cooper School

Ladies' 7s 6 - 0 Bicester Ladies 5s

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The first game for a new team is always tricky - trying to get everything organised.  It looked as if we were going to go with 13 players and no keeper.  Then the L6s was cancelled and Becky volunteered to play in goal - fantastic.

We started tentatively but the first goal from Alice in the first 5 minutes was very heartening.  Everything began to gel and we began to find each other and created lovely triangles.  We were quickly rewarded with second goal from Kat.

We settled down and began to work well.  Becky sat on the backboard in the goal with nothing to do.  Wendy and Jan were very dependable in defence but stood most of the time near the half-way line with nothing much to do.

Holly Williams had a great game as centre half and was always where she was needed.  Jess said she was nervous to begin with but quickly got into her stride and had a great game.  Amelia joined them after 9 minutes and had an excellent game.  Alice had an outstanding game.  Whenever the opposition were taking a free hit she was there to intercept and drive the ball back into their D.  Her skills on the ball were excellent and her passes accurate and easy to pick up.

Jade and Kate worked very well together as inners as evidenced by the fact that Kate got the third goal.  Rachael joined them in rotation and played very well on the left demonstrating beautiful back-to-hockey skills.

We had a very strong forward line.  The Bicester spectators thought so to and often shouted "Who is marking yellow shoes?" which was Hsu demonstrating her usual tenacity.  Alessia did very well on the right, driving up the wing and then crossing into the circle.  Kat, another back-to-hockey player had a great game and was very chuffed with her goal.  Claire got the last goal of the second half with some excellent work.

So we went into the second half 4-0 up.  Alice scored again almost immediately.  However, Bicester rallied and began to put on some pressure. Becky rushed out thinking she was going to touch the ball for the first time but Deborah got there a half-second before!  The final goal was a well-deserved finish from Jade.

So we finished with a 6-0 win which was a great way to start the season.  Everyone felt good about the hockey we played.  The only sadness was that we said goodbye to Holly Williams who is off to do a Masters at Imperial College. 

We all went around to the pub for lunch.  No surprises for player of the match – it was Alice.

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