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Mens 6's finish in style with a win against Ashford

02 April 2016, 13:00, Banbury Road North (Top)

Men's 6s 2 - 0 Ashford (Middlesex) Men's 3s

This was a crucial game - the 6's could technically be relegated if they lost and other teams had results go their way, so when the oppo turned up with only 8 with the remaining players somehow lost between Sainsburys and Hawks- the skipper's prayers had been answered...

Or so he thought..the team started as if they were feeling sorry for the oppo, the hockey was turgid as was the ball speed of most of our passing.

Ashford sensed this and actually played the better. Luckily van Persie aka Darby (recently changed to VAn Missie on account of his dearth of goals this season) managed to put a 6 incher in made by Archie Spittles.

Once the whole Ashford team arrived, Hawks woke up, and started to play some better hockey.

It was strange not to have the Chair's up beat addition to the skippers team talk ( he was umpiring the 3's last game away at Wokingham..!) but the game improved in the second half, with some silky passing between Cairns, Spittles (Archie) and Image.

Occasionally Mr Venables got a bit stroppy when the ball continued in this vein, and both Cairns and Venables earned DoD for being a bit arsey with each other. What was strange was Dave Wells, who had appeared to be in control of his senses, voted for Shambes Shirley as MoM. Shambles had got off a plane that morning, from spending Easter at his estate in SA, and seemed to be still there....Darby got another goal this time because Shambles had mis hit a shot that turned into a pass, and the game finished 2-0 and the 6's ended up in 6th place!

good performances by Venables, Cairns and Princess were mentioned in dispatches, Archie Spittles got MoM for probably making the difference between the sides....

A satisfying season for the 6's mid table supremacy being an excellent result.....


Thanks to Geoff and Dave for umpiring.





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