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3 Points for the Ladies 2s after victory over Epsom 1s

13 February 2016, 12:00, Banbury Road North (Near)

Ladies' 2s 1 - 0 Epsom Ladies' 1s

  • Ladies' 2s v Epsom 024
  • Ladies' 2s v Epsom 001
  • Ladies' 2s v Epsom 002
  • Ladies' 2s v Epsom 003
  • Ladies' 2s v Epsom 004
  • Ladies' 2s v Epsom 005
  • Ladies' 2s v Epsom 006
  • Ladies' 2s v Epsom 007
  • Ladies' 2s v Epsom 008
  • Ladies' 2s v Epsom 009
  • Ladies' 2s v Epsom 010
  • Ladies' 2s v Epsom 011
  • Ladies' 2s v Epsom 012
  • Ladies' 2s v Epsom 013
  • Ladies' 2s v Epsom 014
  • Ladies' 2s v Epsom 015
  • Ladies' 2s v Epsom 016
  • Ladies' 2s v Epsom 017
  • Ladies' 2s v Epsom 018
  • Ladies' 2s v Epsom 019
  • Ladies' 2s v Epsom 020
  • Ladies' 2s v Epsom 021
  • Ladies' 2s v Epsom 022
  • Ladies' 2s v Epsom 023
  • Ladies' 2s v Epsom 025

After last weekends disappointing result, the Ladies 2s came out focussed. After an inspiring team talk, Hawks were determined to start the match against Epsom fighting and that’s exactly what happened. It was a very tight first half with opportunities from both sides and the intensity was high right from the start. Hawks dominated the first 10 minutes and were unfortunate to not convert their opportunities. Helen then scored from the P spot but unfortunately it had hit her a foot on the way into the goal which she very sportingly owned up to. Then the possession started to sway as a few cards were thrown into the mix meaning both sides were changing between wanting to take the opportunity of being a player up and then suddenly on the defence but fantastic work rate from the whole team meant by half time it was 0-0.

The half time team talk from Diz and Jane brought inspiration as the stats reassured Hawks that they had dominated in the first part with 10 circle entries and man of the match, Emily Taylor and the Hawks defence had limited Epsom's chances throughout the 1st half. 

In the second half, Hawks raised the intensity again and soon it became inevitable that someone was going to score, but who? The Ladies 2s converted circle entries into short corners and began to really threaten. As momentum was building to the ultimate goal (with ultimate celebrations from players and supporters alike) with a great cross from Emma Hunter and a deflection from Row! With the score at 1-0, Hawks continued to put pressure on the Epsom defence but Epsom stepped it up and created more chances as well.

It all seemed to be going Hawks way but with 10 minutes to go, there was more drama as two Hawks players were given a yellow and a green card. So stress levels were high as Hawks played 2 players down and tried to run the clock down, and just keep possession. All players got involved and at one point, all Hawks players were in their D in order to retain the lead. And so when the final whistle went there were smiles all round and a massive sense of relief asthe ladies 2s enjoyed their 1-0 victory.

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