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13 February 2016, 13:00, Banbury Road North (Top)

Ladies' 5s 2 - 2 Buckingham Ladies 3s

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  • Ladies' 5 v Buckingham 011
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  • Ladies' 5 v Buckingham 016
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  • Ladies' 5 v Buckingham 025

Bucks won first push back and the game started fast with great pressure from Bucks who attacked hard towards our D, Kirsty tackled well and cleared the ball enabling Hawks to attack hard and fast into Bucks’ D, Lotty had a great strike on goal but their keeper saved it.

Hawks kept the pressure on and continued to attack hard, Sherene attacked down the left hand side and Jess attacked and battled well but Bucks came back hard and Jacs made a couple of great saves and Jacs cleared the ball.

It was fast end to end play from both teams who both continued to defend well and attack hard with both keepers making great saves until Emma made a great pass into the D to Sandra who struck at goal, the keeper saved it and Sandra picked up the rebound stuck again and scored (31 mins into first half  1-0).

Hawks continued to battle well, and made some lovely passes up the pitch, great goal keeping, strong defending and attacking hard with shots on goal and were unlucky not to have scored more goals.  Bucks also battled well and defended strongly.

Second half, Hawks had push back but Bucks attacked hard and got a short corner which hit a foot and so they were then awarded a penalty strike and scored (2 mins into second half 1-1).

The game continued to be fast even play.  Sherene had a strike at goal which was saved, the keeper went down on the ball and Sherene managed to get the ball and scored but a short corner had already been awarded, Bucks defended strongly but Hawks battled well and didn’t give up and Kirsty scored (6 mins into second half 2-1). Further into the second half Bucks were awarded a short corner followed by a second short corner which they scored from (25 mins into second half 2-2).

Jacs made some great saves from open play and short corners.  Becky, Susan, Buffy and Jane defended well, tackled hard and made great clearances from inside and outside the D and made some great passes up field. Susan saved a shot on goal on the line. Caroline, Emma, Kirsty and Maddie all battled hard, made strong tackles and held mid-field keeping the pressure on Bucks throughout the game.

Lotty, Sandra, Sherene, Izzy, Jess and Kirsty all attacked hard and kept the pressure on the whole game and had several strong strikes on goal which were either saved by the keeper or went slightly wide.

Unfortunately Chloe got knocked by a Bucks player and got hit in the head with a stick very early into the first half and was unable to continue to play but had attacked well before she had to come off.  Sherene also got knocked over by a Bucks player towards the end of the game and twisted her ankle as she fell and was unfortunately unable to continue to play.

Final score 2-2.  Hawks are still second in the league and are 2 points clear of Banbury 3s who are third.

Thank you to Dan McErlain for smoothly co-ordinating the rolling subs throughout the match.

Player of the match: Becky (Rebecca) Jennings

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