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League leaders Henley thrash despondent Hawks

06 February 2016, 10:00, Banbury Road North (Top)

Men's 4s 1 - 7 Henley Men's 2s

  • Men's 4s v Henley 007
  • Men's 4s v Henley 001
  • Men's 4s v Henley 002
  • Men's 4s v Henley 003
  • Men's 4s v Henley 004
  • Men's 4s v Henley 005
  • Men's 4s v Henley 006
  • Men's 4s v Henley 008
  • Men's 4s v Henley 009
  • Men's 4s v Henley 010
  • Men's 4s v Henley 011
  • Men's 4s v Henley 012
  • Men's 4s v Henley 013
  • Men's 4s v Henley 014
  • Men's 4s v Henley 015
  • Men's 4s v Henley 016
  • Men's 4s v Henley 017
  • Men's 4s v Henley 018
  • Men's 4s v Henley 019
  • Men's 4s v Henley 020
  • Men's 4s v Henley 021
  • Men's 4s v Henley 022

It was a case of men against boys on Saturday, as Henley 2s thrashed our 4s 7-1 in an early Saturday morning encounter. Henley had many of their recent ex-1s stalwarts playing and they had too much quality for Hawks as they passed the ball around the park and created chance after goal-scoring chance. It possibly didn’t help that we started with a bare 11, with two latecomers turning up after the start, but even with a full complement we struggled to contain the rampant visitors. All experience with one youngster, Henley passed the ball into the net twice, before their striker smashed one in via Atkins outstretched glove after only 15 minutes, before Archie Spittles grabbed one back with a well worked goal. That was, unfortunately as good as it got as Henley continued to dominate, poor Gary Mahon  overrun and overworked in midfield. Two more tap ins from close range and a couple of short corners took their tally to seven and kept the Canary Yellows at the top of the league table. In fairness, we continued to compete and work hard, but we must have been disappointed that we overturned the ball so often. A great learning curve for our youngsters and a painful lesson for the oldies, as the gulf in class was exposed. However, their 1s play our 1s, their 2s play us – so not too bad all considering.

Thanks to Evelyn Hargraves for the photos.

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