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Ladies 5s work hard for good win over Kidlington 1s

23 January 2016

Ladies' 5s 6 - 2 Kidlington Ladies 1s

Last Saturday at Gosford Hill School Hawks Ladies 5's played Kidlington. It was a cold and early start but we soon warmed up due to the large amounts of running required throughout the match.

It was a lot of hard work, possibly the hardest game of the season, meaning the team really had to pick it up in the second half, despite being tired, to win 6-2. The pitch was slow and our passing wasn't as good as it could be  so balls were easy to intercept which didn't always work in our favour. Kidlington were quick on the attack often having 4 or 5 attackers moving into our D which gave our halts and defence a lot of work. They had a number of good strikes on goal which were fortunately stopped from being converted by some amazing saves from Megan.

When Hawks were attacking we were overloaded in the D which more often than not resulted in lots of near misses with the goal. However this didn't stop Kirsty's extraordinary show of skills to score a hat-trick. There were also quite a number of short corners which were never converted.

MOM went to Megan thanks to her wonderful goal saving dives, but was a tie with Holly before the ultimate decision from Susan.


3 Kirsty
2 Rachael
1 Maddie

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