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The Force weakens.....

16 January 2016, 13:00

Men's 6s 0 - 2 Wycombe Men's 4s

The Force weakens……

The Men’s 6th XI took full advantage of the Festive break and by all accounts the nearest they got to training was walking the dog or straining to reach the tv remote.  Some managed to go the new Star Wars film where they would have been comforted by the re-acquaintance of familiar characters from the past…..and so it was with the game at Wycombe when one of their players returning from a 7 year absence following childcare duties commented on how refreshing it was to see so many familiar faces in the Hawks line up.

Wycombe on the other hand fielded a team with an excess of youth and marshalled by a couple of old hands.

DoD was awarded during the warm up routine by our resident Jedi Knight, Nico, who had also rested for 2 weeks following his Galactic winning kick boxing.  He managed to crash into the boundary fence and damage his knee. Our Nico is made of stern stuff though and battled on through the whole game.

And so to the match, played in glorious winter sunshine.  It was a pretty even handed affair but Wycombe were more ruthless in their execution winning 3 short corner and scoring from 2 ( as Princess Leia flounder in the goal), whilst Hawks didn’t get a single short.  Hawks had their chances but neither Count Dooku (Darby) or Boba Fett (Elliott) could weaken the Wycombe force field.  We were unlucky also to lose our young rebel fighter, Jamie Wells, to an early hand injury which had the added effect of pushing the average age on pitch above the 40yr mark.

MOM went to Obi Wan (Will Cairns) Kenobi with a welcome return to the side and an assured control of the midfield. It is indicative of the nature of the game that one of the few shots came from C3P0 (Chair) who was allowed to come on as a forward in the 2nd half but short circuited in the rarefied atmosphere of the opposition D and shot wide.

Hawks left the field buoyed by the fact we had actually played some good hockey on a great winters afternoon and in a good humoured and well umpired game. 


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