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The Force is dimmed in intergalactic struggle at Ashford....

12 December 2015, 14:00, Ashford HC

Men's 6s 2 - 6 Ashford (Middlesex) Men's 3s

Sitting in the Spice Lounge, celebrating the half seasons performance (well, some of them..), the Skipper was just checking that all of his hardy troops had returned from the out lying territories of outer London, also known as Tatooine....

It was when the team seriously thought that Karl had actually forgotten Chewbacca, that the ?questions arose - How would he get home? Who would eat his Vegetarian Curry? Would he defect to the Tatooine side..?

Luckily all was not lost as the Chair arrived to inform us that he had picked up the stragglers - well Chewbacca. So, the skipper managed to count his troops  back in... Count being the operative word, as Count Dooku (the renegade Jedi Knight aka Charles Darby) managed to pick up the days first DoD as he admitted to Man Flue and declined to travel, but still turned up for the curry...

The second DoD went to the skipper who had successfully failed to remember that the game time had been changed from 2 to 12....It was only the wife of Han Solo (Rich Venables) who had alerted her handsome husband that he was late setting off for his apart from Jamie wells (MoM), the honourary title goes to Mrs Han Solo for giving Skipper enough time to re arrange the game at Asford! Many thanks to the Tatooine team for enabling this, they must have realised that they were going to be given a few gifts.... 

And so to the game. Skipper had to umpire, as the changed time meant that they could only supply one, and although he was slightly concerned at the mental age of his team, he thought they would manage to communicate to each other...oh, how wrong was he??!!

The first few minutes, the team looked good, and then, as the Tatooine raiders started moving with intent, the Tatooine forward moved into the D at the side was completely left alone by the defence, and firmly passed the ball goalwards....Princess Leia (aka Josh, so named as he is training to be a trolley dolly with Easygoal) calmly picked her leg up and saw the ball into the back of the goal...Both Wellsy and Leia looked at the umpire (skipper) and intimated a 16....

It was so obviously a goal that the Skipper thought he must have had a blockage and consulted with the oppo umpire..and indeed it was clearly a goal. 0-1 and it was not going well....

The main problem at the back was the developing verbal battle between the Chair and Wellsy. One was insisting on a Zonal form of defence, the other a man marking system, and unsurprisingly, the two didnt work was similar to the scene where C3P0 (Adrian - so named for his fluid running style...) and R2D2  go their own opposite ways in the desert, which in the case of a hockey pitch, means acres of room for marauding raiders......

So with R2D2 and C3P0 squabbling, the lack of a voice of reason (the Skipper) and the quite able Tatooine attack, the 6's were 4 -0 down after 20 minutes!

This was despite the umpire forgetting his job and making wild arm signals gesturing for his team to move the ball wide, unfortunately clocked by Jar Jar Binks,( Shirley) who revelled in this at the curry House.

After that the team played quite well in patches, normally when only one of C3 or R2 was on the pitch.

Ashley had another good game as did Mike Image, in fact everyone tried really hard. Hawks git it back to 4-2, the second,  courtesy of a great run down the right by Ash, and after an appalling miss by Boba Fett (aka Steve Elliott so named for he hunts bounty or equivalent..)

Nico Stott calmly slotted in. Boba later claimed that he missed it on purpose...yeah right!!!


The effort started to tell and 6-2 was the final result, with Jamie Wells playing really well at half back, and even Princess Leia made some excellent saves in the second half....

So at halfway, the Mens 6's are half way (well 7th..) up the league with a miserly 2 points from the last 6 games. 

The force must be found...somewhere...







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