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Ladies' 3s win at Wycombe

05 December 2015

Ladies' 3s 3 - 1 Wycombe Ladies 2s

We started our match against Wycombe and it was a very tight start. Both sides had opportunities however we started to pull away as their defence struggled to keep out our attack, so soon we had a goal from Lizzie! And then despite our best efforts, it was still a very close battle and they got a break as they slipped past us and unfortunately we let a goal in. So by half time it was 1-1 

A half time talk from Andy, who had very kindly come to Wycombe to be our guide from the side-line, fired us all up to go out fighting with the suggestion that we should be more aggressive and hungry against quite a physical team.

 So the Second half started and very quickly we were on the offense and soon Cath put a lovely shot into the back of the net! However, next they were awarded a short corner for our defence being a little too aggressive… but lovely defence and keeping meant that they were denied a goal. We quickly turned the game back on them and won a short corner of our own, where Lizzie slipped the ball to Olivia who in turn passed it back to Lizzie at the P spot who pushed it past the keeper! Our press was very effective so we quickly turned over possession from 16s and by now we were on a roll; dominating the second half with only 5 circle entries by Wycombe to 20 by Hawks (stats done by Andy!) and so it was inevitable that we would come away with a win. Final score 3-1

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