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U18 Boys succeed against Surbiton

15 November 2015

U18 Boys 4 - 2 Surbiton U18 Boys

 There was a full strong squad of 11 that turned up on Sunday high in hopes (especially Robbie) and looking forward to the full 60 minutes of hockey against the renowned Surbiton U18 team. Luckily however the Surbiton men's 1's team were playing on Sunday as well and they most definitely did not steal half the U18 team who may or may not have been national players. Moving swiftly on the game kicked off with a Hawks push back granted by the captain Finn Dunleavy. This allowed a stunning early run from Oliver Lovibond to be finished with a cheeky sweaty goal with Robbie Scragg. This set the tone for many of the goals and shortly after the same happened again with Oliver Lovibond making yet again another miraculous run through almost all the team this time aided by Harry Best who dinked it in at the end.

Following Monkey's inspirational speech at halftime Hawks proceeded to concede a lucky goal and then another however we bounced back and Lovibond did not just do one run not even two runs but he did 3 runs and being the generous man he is gave the final touch to Matt Rogers. Matt Saunders-Davies also scored a naughty nuts through the keepers legs on the halfway line. The only reasonable explanation is magic. Overall it was a 4-2 victory and a well fought game. Man of the match was Oliver Lovibond and Dick of the Day was also Oliver Lovibond.  

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